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Speciality Hook & Loop

Welar Brand Micro Hook/ Molded Hook are the new generation of Hook which simplifies the applications like closing, bonding where the bonding gape is very low. It has specially developed mixture of quality material which ensures proper closure with required strength.

Welar Brand Micro Hook/ Molded Hook are very soft in feel to avoid any injury or rashes to baby skin. It is a skin friendly product barring any allergic reactions to human nature.

Welar Brand Mushroom Hook are made with the special design which inspired by mushroom shape.  It provides extremely High peel and Shear Strength; it is widely used for high closure strength. We develop mushroom hook with the help of technical and textile system to ensure that it can satisfy the durability of strength with any loop.

Welar Brand Un-napped or Un-brushed Loop is an intermediate product for the unique applications.

It has closed loop piles which gives it an immense grip after attachment with any Hook texture. Welar recommend it for high closure life cycle with comparative Shear strength and peel strength.

Welar Brand Un-brushed Loop is the best example of product with more density and extra height of pile for better thickness arrangement.

Welar Brand Soft hook has itself in nature softer than any general hook. It is being developed with consideration of Oeko-tex® standard 100 certificates for the Baby skin compatibility. Welar has developed new science for thin piles & it is Compatible with wide variety of Loops and Tricot fabric. Welar recommend it for Medical applications, Infant goods and apparel accessories. It will be rash free to skin & adjustable with pressure.

Welar Brand Slim Loop is developed with intension of silk touch, it has wide bodied loop which grips more with molded / soft Hook.
Welar Slim Loop is very soft in texture so we called it as a skin friendly product barring any allergic reactions to baby skin. Welar slim loop is the replacement of combination of different product being used for aesthetic looks.